NWSA’s Make Art Work [MAW] series offers its first lecture in Spanish, to explore curatorial opportunities in miami.

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Make Art Work lecture Dr. Adriana Herrera and Willy CastellanosMiami – New World School of the Arts' Make Art Work (MAW) leads the new Make ArtWork lecture series with a lecture by Dr. Adriana Herrera, recognized art critic, writer and curator. Herrera will engage in a dialogue with visual arts students alongside Willy Castellanos - prominent Cuban art historian, curator and artist. The dynamic conversation will explore curatorial opportunities in Miami, offering students and faculty invaluable testimony about their own professional journey and how they have utilized their media knowledge and institutional alliances to establish themselves in the arts community. Construyendo visiones curatoriales en Miami: alianzas y estrategias (Building curatorial visions in Miami: alliances and strategies) will be presented in Spanish and it is open to all NWSA and MDC students, faculty and the general public, free of charge.
The Make Art Work lecture will conclude at the Opening Reception of Benjamin Cañas: A Selection of Works from the NWSA Permanent Collection, where the audience will have an opportunity to continue the dialogue with Herrera and Castellanos, one-on-one, while enjoying the exhibition. Among Cañas’ most prominent Works - on view - is El Baile de lasMuñecas (The Dance of the Dolls). Painted in 1974, Cañas illustrates what Mexican critic Mario García said in 2000: “If you can explain it, then it’s not magical realism.” Cañas’ canvas depicts a group of grotesque figures – including a torso with three heads that levitates in space – inhabiting a nightmarish vision whose cryptic message remains unresolved. Other pieces in the exhibition include Marinero, 1982 and Imagenes del Popol-Vuh, 1974. The opening reception is also free and open to the public.
MAW LECTURE “CONSTRUYENDO VISIONES CURATORIALES EN MIAMI: ALIANZAS Y ESTRATEGIAS” - Thursday, October 22; 7:00 – 8:00 PM. NWSA Dance Theater, 25 NE 2nd Street, 8th Floor, downtown Miami. Free and open to the public. Information at 305-237-3649.
OPENING RECEPTION “BENJAMIN CAÑAS: A SELECTION OF WORKS” - Thursday, October 22; 5:00 – 9:00 PM. New World Gallery, 25 NE 2nd Street, Lobby, downtown Miami. Free and open to the public. Information at 305-237-3649.
“It’s exciting to offer the first MAW lecture in Spanish,” said Maggy Cuesta, dean of visual arts at New World School of the Arts. “More than 70% of our visual arts students are of Hispanic descent and are fully bilingual, although some, who have arrived recently from their native Latin American countries, are still in the process of mastering the English language. To be able to speak to them in their own - or their parents’ language, offers another avenue to tap into the rich Hispanic culture and demonstrate that language should not be barrier when it comes to exploring art and the business of art.”
Adriana Herrera is a PhD with an interdisciplinary dissertation in Spanish Literature and Art History. She curated “Critical Strategies of Post-Utopian Cuban Art (Cuba-United States),” Houston Art Fair, 2011, “A Missing Page in History,” 2012, and co-curated “María Thereza Negreiros: Offerings,” Frost Art Museum. As an art critic for El Nuevo Herald since 2000, editorial consultant for Arte al Día International, collaborator for Art Nexus, and writer in charge of art and literature sections of the magazine “Poder” in Mexico (2002-2013), Herrera is knowledgeable of the local and continental art scene. She has lectured about artists at Arizona State University and the University of Florida and written essays for the catalogs of artist from different countries and generations. In addition, Herrera co-authored the book “The Island Rape. Nesolectura Exercises around Bill Viola” and “As Time Goes By. Gonzalo Lebrija,” among other publications. She co-founded the Aluna Curatorial Collective and has co-curated many exhibitions in different venues including private galleries and Institutions and the alternative space Aluna Art Foundation.
Willy Castellanos is an art Historian, curator and photographer. He graduated from Havana University with a thesis on photography: “Nude as Object and Strategy in Cuban Photography (1982-1993).” Castellanos writes about contemporary photography for Arte al Día International and Art Nexus. In Havana he worked for recognized magazines like Bohemia, Prisma Internacional and Revista Tablas in Cuba. While living in Buenos Aires he worked as a photojournalist for the magazine Pugliese and the music publisher BAM (Buenos Aires Música) - both projects of Buenos Aires Cultural Affairs Department. He also lectured about Cuban Photography. A contributor to the entertainment pages of the newspapers Clarín and La Nación, Castellanos as also co-authored several books, including: “El Deseo en El Pavo Real (Historia de una academia de Tango)”; and “Obras” 1996-2000, a publication from El Gobierno de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires. In Miami, Castellanos was the Curator of the photography exhibition “Prayers for Saints and Orishas” at the Spanish Cultural Center of Miami (CCEMiami), “New Gods by José Franco,” and “20 Brands by Felix Beltrán” (co-curated with Rafael López-Ramos) for the Miami Dade College Art Gallery System (AGC). Castellanos is co-author of thecritical essay for the book of Cuban photographer Raúl Canibano published by La Fabrica (Madrid). As member of Aluna Curatorial Collective he has co-curated numerous art exhibitions including “Exodus: Alternate Documents,” which recently won the Artes Miami 2014 award for the Best Cultural Event of the Year at CCE Miami.
Benjamín Cañas (1933 - 1987) was a Salvadorian painter who studied painting at theSchool of Fine Arts of San Salvador and architecture at the National University in San Salvador. The artist also studied sculpture with Enrique Salaverria and Benjamin Saul, and pottery with Cesar Sermeño. His works have been exhibited in international museums including the OAS and the Inter-American Development Bank in Washington. Solo exhibition venues include the Art Museum of the Americas, Washington, DC; Elites Fine Arts, Miami, Florida; Museum Form, San Salvador, El Salvador; and Art Gallery 80, Panama City, Panamá. Group exhibitions include Elites Fine Arts, Miami.
MAKE ART WORK [MAW] In its sixth year, MAW is designed to bring professionals in the art world together with students and the community for a dialogue on the business of art. The series will focus on providing tools, guidance and strategies for success to the next generation of artists and will expand understanding of what it takes to live as an artist in the twenty-first century. Each talk includes a question and answer session, allowing students and the public opportunities for direct communication with leaders in the art world.
About NWSA: A Florida center of excellence in the visual and performing arts, NWSA provides a comprehensive program of artistic, creative and academic development through a curriculum that reflects the rich multicultural state of Florida. With programs accredited by the National Association of Schools of Art, Dance, Music and Theater, NWSA offers four-year BFA and BM college degrees. Through its rigorous curriculum and conservatory-style teaching NWSA empowers its students to become leaders in the arts. New World School of the Arts was created by the Florida Legislature as a center of excellence in the performing and visual arts. It is an educational partnership of Miami-Dade County Public Schools, Miami Dade College and the University of Florida.
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