Dance Auditions

The entrance audition for the Dance Division of the New World School of the Arts has two components:

  • Applicants will participate in a class which will include a ballet barre, adagio and petit allegro; modern center, traveling and elevation; and a short jazz combination. The purpose of the audition class is to demonstrate the applicant’s technical ability in a variety of dance styles and his/her ability to take direction.
  • In addition, each applicant will be asked to perform a short solo dance, not to exceed one minute, in either ballet (pointe work is not permitted), modern, or jazz dance style. The solo may be from the classic or contemporary repertoire or be an original work composed by the student or a teacher. The purpose of this solo dance is to demonstrate the applicant’s performing skill. Each candidate is required to bring a compact disc or cassette recording of musical accompaniment.

Applicants are requested to wear appropriate dance attire for the audition. Please DO NOT wear leg warmers, sweaters, or jewelry. MEN wear black tights or jazz pants, white t-shirt and ballet shoes. WOMEN wear black leotard, black or pink tights (that can be rolled up for modern dance), and ballet shoes. For the modern dance selection, applicants must be barefoot. For the jazz section, applicants may wear jazz shoes.

Criteria For Acceptance

  • Talent and potential as a performer: The faculty is most interested in those students who show strong performing abilities, an openness to assimilate corrections, and a willingness to learn in the various styles.
  • Level and quality of training: Although the purpose of New World School of the Arts is to train dancers, we are not equipped to deal with the inexperienced student.
  • Musicality.

SPED and LEP students are encouraged to apply.

Audition Workshops for 2013-14 Enrollment:
Saturday, December 8, 10:00 - 11:30 AM
NWSA, 25 NE 2nd Street, Eighth Floor Studio 5808

This 90 minute presentation provides a preview demonstration of the dance audition. Applicants are not required to attend.