Dance alums feel a common bond despite time and space

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Dance alums feel a common bond despite time and space

 Jackie Bulnes and Ally Love"It was difficult to differentiate which alum was from the high school program and which was a graduate of the college - they were all bound by a commonality that goes beyond time and space" stated NWSA dean of dance Daniel Lewis upon his return from a recent dance division reunion he organized in New York City during the summer. With over 28 New World School of the Arts alumni present, it was obvious that these young artists share much more than their devotion to the arts… This is what they had to say.

"It was both comforting and reassuring to learn that we as artists are not alone in the big city of New York.  I was reminded that I will always find a family of support in New World School of the Arts." - Jackie Bulnes (HS 2001; BFA 2004)

"It was amazing to be around all the NWSA alumni and to connect to people from Miami. It was like a family reunion with family I never met before. Thank you so much." - Ally Love (HS 2003)

"I had a great time meeting and reacquainting myself with other NWSA dancers.  I also wanted to pass along a story that I think you would appreciate.  I took a master class from Azure Barton at the STEPS studio last week.  There was one combination that felt particularly nice on my body and must have looked good because Azure wanted me and one other dancer to demonstrate for the class.  Out of the 30 or more dancers and 3 talented assistants, she hand picked the two NWSA grads in the room. The magic you do for your students is remarkable and clearly recognizable.  I had always been told that New World School of the Arts dancers are easy to point out, that we have strong technique and a unique work ethic.  But I now see how true that is and my confidence as a dancer will only grow stronger having experienced it first hand.  I'm so thankful for all that you and the faculty have done for me; I surely would not be the person I am today and the person I'll be in future without the love, support, and guidance of such special people." - Maria Phelan (HS 2004)

"I felt honored to be in the same room as a lot of those dancers and at the same time I was reminded of the level of people New World Graduates are. This fueled me with a new sense of confidence in my upcoming (most difficult) year at Juilliard. I owe you so much of my artistic upbringing.  You fulfilled the job of the wisest of parents and for that I am eternally grateful. If you come back to New York, my work will be premiered in the Peter Jay Sharp Theater December 7 and 8!" - Yara Travieso (HS 2004)

“I felt great seeing people I haven’t seen in years. Made many new connections and am now working with other alumni.” - Jennifer Sims (BFA 2003)

“The alumni reunion dinner was a wonderful experience. Just to know that there are so many New World students all over, they're everywhere!  People I had bumped into before and didn't even know were from NWSA! It gives you a great sense of family, and you realize just how much when we're all together, it's a beautiful feeling, everyone united.” Diana Diaz (BFA 2005)

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