"Projected Visions - Digital Media Exhibition"

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“Projected Visions – Digital Media Exhibition” Transforms NWSA’s New World Gallery into a Keleidoskope of images.
Exhibit open from October 11 – November 15

MIAMI---The New World Gallery becomes a kaleidoscope of images as NWSA presents “Projected Visions – Digital Media “Projected Visions" a Digital Media Exhibition where an irregular plane has a projected image onto it Exhibition”. Curated by NWSA Endowed Teaching Chair Alisa Pitchenik, the exhibition features the experimental use of images as they are projected larger than life on the structure of the gallery. With works from fourteen high school and college students from the electronic media department, this is the first time NWSA has this type of exhibition which captures the viewer through its thematic grand-scale projections. Opening Reception: Thursday, October 11, 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm.  New World Gallery, MDC, Wolfson Campus, Building 5 - 25 NE 2nd Street, downtown, Miami.

Featuring three distinct processes, the exhibition comes to life in the dimmed gallery by simultaneously projecting over twenty images in various sizes ranging from 5” television images to over 5 foot reflections. Complementing these images are digital prints developed by manipulating imagery in digital format.

Exhibition is free and open to the public from Thursday, October 11 – Thursday, November 15, 9:00 am - 5:00 pm, New World Gallery.




New World School of the Arts was created by the Florida Legislature as a center of excellence in the performing and visual arts, is an educational partnership of Miami Dade County Public Schools, Miami Dade College and the University of Florida.
Further information available by calling the NWSA Visual Arts division at (305) 237-3597. www.mdc.edu/nwsa.