Popular One-Person Shows Titled "Situational Ethics"

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Popular One-Person Shows Titled “Situational Ethics” to be presented by nine New World School of the Arts’ graduating college seniors.Tower Theater – December 7th and 8th
MIAMI--- Nine graduating seniors from New World School of the Arts’ college theater program present One-Person Shows as a picture of a girl with wavy, big hair, right eye covered with a colorful element, some object in her hair, against a blue sky background their B.F.A. Senior Project. Writing, acting and producing their own 20-30 minute piece requires “verve and an abundance of creativity” stated David Kwiat, coordinator of the project at NWSA, concluding that “The class came about with the title Situational Ethics because; “peoples’ ethics tend to waiver, changing what is ‘right and ‘wrong’ based on their own particular circumstances.” The two programs, A and B, will be held at the Tower Theater in Little Havana on Friday December 7 and Saturday, December 8 – (Program A: 5:00 pm on Friday; 8:00 pm on Saturday / Program B: 8:00 pm on Friday; 5:00 pm on Saturday). Performance is Free.

    Among the showcases is Nicole Pettus’ Here Comes the Choo Choo Train and Other Tips for Spoon-Feeding, a monologue about a young woman dealing with her Attention Deficit Disorder. Other topics range from a Border Patrol Agent Alien Nation (Saarah Zebede) to a TSA employee The Jacket (Jeffrey Tousey), Judy Garland Elegies for Frances G. (Jamie Mattocks), a mortician embalming  a cadaver Pine Pajamas (David Sirois), a ‘desperate housewife’ Dirty Laundry (Monika Kunev), an abused teen cheerleader Bottom of the Pyramid (Christina Ortega), a man’s desire to have a child My Friend, Mordechai (Dusty St. Amand) and a ‘Rockett wannabee  Last Chance (Lindsey Forgey).

    Dusty St. Amand, one of the Senior Project students summed up the shows saying “There seems to be an element of people breaking free from their domestic ties.  These people don’t want to settle down, they want to run into the wild.”

For the past sixteen years David Kwiat has been a professor in the Theater Division at NWSA and has performed with numerous local and national theater companies. Kwiat, recipient of an Endowed Teaching Chair, has earned eight Carbonell Best Actor / Best Supporting Actor nominations in the past nine years and is the winner of the “Best Actor” award for his performance in QED and “Best Supporting Actor” for his work in Dirty Blonde, both at GableStage. He is also the recipient of the Miami New Times Best Actor Award (2005), Best Supporting Actor (2003) and the Carbonell “Bill Hindman Award for long-term career achievement in the South Florida Arts Community.” He authored John Barrymore: Confessions of an Actor which he has performed at the Edinburgh International Theater Festival, The King's Head Theatre in London and throughout the US. His collection of poetry; Travelers in Residence was performed at the New Theatre’s Miami in the Millennium Play Festival. David is included in the Millennium Edition of Who’s Who in America. 

The Tower Theatre: 1508 SW 8th Street, Miami. Admission is free. For more information about the theatre program at NWSA visit nwsa.mdc.edu, or call 305-237-3541.
New World School of the Arts was created by the Florida Legislature as a center of excellence in the performing and visual arts, is an educational partnership of Miami Dade County Public Schools, Miami Dade College and the University of Florida.

Photo credit: Nicole Pettus from her show Here Comes the Choo Choo Train and Other Tips for Spoon-Feeding. Photo by Juan Cabrera.