BFA Students premier "IT'S IN OUR HANDS"

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BFA students premiere “IT’S IN OUR HANDS”. Striking dance concert defining emotion, wit and talent. February 15 and 16
            Miami--- As one of the most anticipated performances of the college year, the College BFA Concert marks the most a group of dancers assemble in a tight composition comprehensive and final project delivered by New World’s dance aspiring graduates. Daniel Lewis, Dean of the Dance division and instructor of this intense course announced last week, that the BFA concert-showcase, which this year will feature a total of fourteen students, will be presented at 7:30 PM on Friday and Saturday, February 15 and 16 at the New World Dance Theater.
            “With fourteen students ready to make a mark in the world with their choreographic voices,”  stated Lewis, “be prepared for an arresting and evocative evening of dance.”
            The concert, comprised of pieces choreographed and performed by the students, is geared towards creating an on-flowing dance performance with intermittent solos of each member of the senior ensemble to create an evening that explores group dances and solo works and the dynamics between both. The result is that of an evening that is dynamically expressive in different forms and language.

            The individual solos choreographed by Tegan Schwab are an interesting collaboration between the performer and the choreographer. Each solo focuses on the performers’ character and ability as dancers. This gives each interlacing solo a different flavor producing myriad executions that can be categorized as funny, exiting, and dramatic. Solos interact with the audience members and take part not only on the stage but in different locations of the theatre. The 14 solos are dispersed throughout the evening with music that is eclectic and ranges widely from Samba to Alternative.

            The group-works vary and touch on different aspects of the each choreographer’s perception on topics such as love, life, and human emotions. Choreographed by Chin-Chin Hsu Passers By, a piece that explores the passage of humans throughout life, is performed by the complete troupe. With dynamic contemporary movement that challenges the dancer’s bodies and engulfs the space along with props and music by Sigur Ros and Gustavo Santaolalla this piece sets up a beautiful dramatic setting giving the performers a chance to express themselves as humans in the world we live in. Setting forth a female’s perspective of love and longing, Jessica Dinsky showcases an all-women cast to highlight individuality in a unified manner through movements and lyrics . The all-female group moves and morphs to the music of Fiona Apple in a piece that captivates the audience visually and emotionally.

            The show promises to be an eclectic showcase of different young voices in an evocative evening that will entertain and highlight a different perspective on dance and unification.
New World Dance Theatre is located at NWSA, 25 NE 2nd Street, downtown, Miami. General admission to the College BFA Concert is $5. Tickets are available by calling 305-237-3582 or online at  
New World School of the Arts was created by the Florida Legislature as a center of excellence in the performing and visual arts, is an educational partnership of Miami Dade County Public Schools, Miami Dade College and the University of Florida.
            For more information about the music division at New World School of the Arts, please call: 305-237-3341 or 305-237-3582.
Photo caption - left to right, top to bottom:
2008 BFA dance students at NWSA: Erika Barrios, Tegan Schwab, Sandra Henderson, Naimah Saleem, Liony Garcia, Erin Fletcher, Kamaria Dailey, Jessica Dinsky, Chin-Chin Hsu, Keisha Whitfield, Debra Bazile, Asha Darbeau, Tamara Roy.