NWSA visual arts alum, Juan Camilo Rojas wins City of Miami Beach Poster Competition

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NWSA visual arts alum, Juan Camilo Rojas
wins City of Miami Beach “Keep our beaches clean” Poster Competition

MIAMI--- Colombian-born visual artist Juan Camilo Rojas, NWSA BFA alum [2008] was recognized on Wednesday, September 9th, by Miami Beach Commissioner Jerry Maggy Cuesta, Juan Camilo Rojas,Jerry Libbin, Rosario Martinez-Canas and Miami Beach commisioners Libbin, as the winner of the “Keep our beaches clean” Poster Contest. Sponsored by the City of Miami Beach, in partnership with Surfrider Foundation, ECOMB, A Better Miami Beach and GreenRocks, the contest is an effort to educate Miami Beach residents and visitors about the harmful effects of litter on our beaches.

“Outside of my normal job, or daily activities, lies my commitment to social change”, stated Rojas. “Using my design and creative talents I want to build awareness and help solve problems that affect our society and the world. I want to do it in a way that entertains and embraces people through positive change.”

Graduating from New World School of the Arts as a graphic designer this spring, Juan Camilo Rojas bases his work on typography and finds motivation in social causes. As an artist, Rojas believes that “graphic designers have a moral responsibility to try to make a change and help raise consciousness regarding moral and social issues,” a philosophy he shares with Rosario Martinez-Cañas, Rojas’ graphic design professor and mentor at NWSA. “I have always encouraged my students to have an active role in their community” expressed Martinez-Canas,  “it is very rewarding to see Camilo use his graphic design talent with a purpose and to bring about social change.”

The submissions were judged by a panel comprised of volunteer members from participating organizations and the winning design was chosen based on the creativity of the design and its ability to focus on the objective of the contest.  Rojas’  Miami Beach anti-litter postermessage “show some love to your beaches! Don’t Litter” could be used by the City of Miami Beach in conjunction with an upcoming public education campaign displayed throughout the area.

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