"80 inches of art" - Impressive alumni art auction at the Sagamore Hotel yields top funds for the vi

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80” of art, NWSA Alumni Art Auction
a collaborative between the Sagamore Hotel
and New World School of the Arts
yields $30,685 for the acclaimed arts conservatory

Miami --- It was a remarkable evening in Miami Beach as more than 400 guests gathered in the boutique “Art Hotel” to celebrate New World   Juan Carlos Navas, Lorna Samara Ash,Felipe LagosSchool of the Arts’ 25th birthday with an impressive art auction. One of the first events to welcome the chic Art Basel season, the NWSA Alumni Art Auction drew art collectors and gallerists, community leaders and media personalities, and friends and supporters, who not only came in search of an extraordinary piece of art, but also to demonstrate their steadfast commitment to New World School of the Arts – South Florida’s premier arts conservatory.

Hosted and presented by the Sagamore Hotel, and sponsored by Bacardi, the NWSA Alumni Art Auction - the second show of its kind curated by Maggy Cuesta, dean of the visual arts division at New World School of the Arts – is already considered one of the most successful events in recent years. To the delight of the alumni who generously donated their work to the school, the bidding began within minutes of the official opening of the show and became more and more competitive as the closing hour drew near. The net result – astounding – as the funds collected at the end of the evening revealed a grand total of $30,685. The staggering sum raised in just under four hours will be used by the NWSA visual arts program to supplement its limited operations budget and fund select student projects.  

Of the eighty works of art that adorned the walls and pedestals erected just for this showcase, the majority o  Cricket and Martin Taplin, Maggy Cuestaf the pieces sold for more than the opening bid, which oscillated between $100 and $9,000. One of the most coveted pieces was Self-satisfaction [the orchid grower] by renowned painter Hernan Bas. The 8”x10” acrylic masterpiece depicting a pensive young man in vibrant colors became part of a permanent South Florida art collection while Michael Vasquez’s Backyard Snapshot, a thought-provoking painting of urban life, will soon find its rightful place on the walls of a Coral Gables residence. 

Among the many other pieces that were sold were Mind Maze, a delicately beautiful portrait of a young woman by Cesar Santos, Bert Rodriguez’s Bean & Rice – a humorous black and white satire, and Felipe Lagos’ architectural interpretation, Impermanence Revisited Vol IV.  Michael Loveland’s dynamic Crown showcasing found metal typography was also a widely sought-after piece, ultimately selling to a Miami art collector.

Enthused and exhilarated, patrons, guests and friends – many of whom went home carrying their prized art work(s) – once again had the opportunity to experience and enjoy the talent that has been fostered during the past two and half decades in the classrooms, studios and galleries of New World School of the Arts. The NWSA Alumni Art Auction was indeed a memorable event as the visual arts alumni once again demonstrated their loyalty and support to their alma mater through their selfless contributions. Belkys Nerey, Mike VasquezPoto ID:
Image 1:    Juan Carlos Navas,’ 07, Lorna Samara Ash, ‘08, Felipe Lagos, Class of 2012
Image 3:    Cricket and Martin Taplin, owners-Sagamore Hotel, Maggy Cuesta, Dean of Visual Arts, NWSA
Image 5:    Belkys Nerey, WSVN-TV News Anchor, Mike Vasquez, ‘05    
Photographer: Juan E. Cabrera. Photos courtesy of NWSA 

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