World Dance Celebration celebrates diversity

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Varied choreography by Peter London
celebrates diversity in
World Dance Celebration.
Presented in collaboration with 
University of Florida
MIAMI---As New World School of the Arts celebrates its 25th year anniversary, the dance division offers the South Florida community an  NWSA dance studentexhilarating 3-day World Dance Celebration showcase. Along with dancers from the University of Florida, the concert highlights more than fifty five college and high school dancers performing to the beat of live drums and recorded music and features choreographic works from contemporary world modern dance to traditional African dance.

Performances are scheduled for Friday, November 18 and Saturday, November 19 at 7:30 PM, and Sunday, November 20 at 2:00 PM. New World Dance Theater. MDC Wolfson Campus Building 5, 25 NE 2nd Street, 8th floor, downtown, Miami. General admission, students and seniors $10. Tickets at, or by calling 305-237-3341.

Peter London faculty at New World School of the Arts will present three distinct choreographic works illustrating the diversity inherent in the NWSA student body as well as in South Florida. An excerpt from THE WOMEN OF PICASSO (2011) shows off a dramatic and deeply moving work of haunting beauty and lament. Conceived through collaboration with the NWSA visual arts division it is a choreographic interpretation of key moments in the lives of the women who influenced the work of Pablo Picasso and their often tumultuous and intriguing relationship with him. A celebratory work of exquisite athleticism, London’s next choreography, CELIA (2011), is an ode to joy, beauty, and youthful charm and grace. The dance invokes the tremendous musicianship and creativity of the great Cuban singer, the late Celia Cruz - one of the most beloved and popular Hispanic artists of our time. This work is rendered with high energy and spiciness of the rhumba and salsa, and it is danced by NWSA’s world renowned talented high school senior/graduating class of 2011. Finally, SHANGO is danced by a powerful cast from our college program. The work expresses the dynamic qualities of the most popular God of the Yoruba pantheon of Orishas, king Shango - God of dance and music, warrior king of the ancient Oyo empire of south western Nigeria. Shango and the goddess Oshun share the stage in this contemporary explosion of powerful movement depicting Shango as the God of lightening, thunder and male virility, and Oshun as the Goddess of beauty and seduction.

The University of Florida will round off the program with traditional African works, including OUR FAMILY, OUR ANCESTORS, LIBERTE, DUNUMBA, DISOBEDIENT JAJA AND THE SACRED TREE, and SOKO, under the direction of Professor Mohamed DaCosta, Lecturer in African Performing Arts in the School of Theatre and Dance and the Center for African Studies.

This exciting and diversified world dance program will feature over 100 dancers as well as numerous live musicians and actors.  This is a program not to be missed.

New World School of the Arts was created by the Florida Legislature as a center of excellence in the performing and visual arts, is an educational partnership of Miami Dade County Public Schools, Miami Dade College and the University of Florida.

Photo – NWSA dancer Patricia Carby. Photo by Juan E. Cabrera, courtesy of New World School of the Arts

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