Make Art Work’s 5th season welcomed Eduardo Vilaro, Artistic Director of Ballet Hispanico

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Eduardo Vilaro speaking to students in a dance lectureMiami – New World School of the Arts' Make Art Work (MAW) lecture series launches it'sfourth season with Eduardo Vilaro, Artistic Director of Ballet Hispanico. In its fifth year, Make Art Work is designed to bring professionals in the art world together with students and the community for a dialogue on the business of art. MAW’s “Conversations with Eduardo”  took place on January 17 at the New World Dance Theater. 25 NE 2nd Street, downtown Miami.
He began with an ice-breaker which would, at the end of the lecture, summarize his message – “you make your own path, you make your own experience – don’t wait for anyone to give it you.” This was Eduardo Vilaro’s message in NWSA Dance Studio B – an energy-packed space filled with college dancers who will soon go into what they like to call “the real world.”
Guest lecturer of the New World School of the Arts’ Make Art Work Series, Eduardo Vilaro, Artistic Director of Ballet Hispanico, began with his story – the story of a Cuban immigrant who left his country at the young age of six to face his own struggles. “Those beginnings make you who you are,” he stressed “not only as a dancer, but as an artist.”
Settling down in the Bronx, NY, Vilaro “fell in love” with dance in 8th grade during the play You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown, in which he both choreographed and performed as a singer/dancer/actor. It was the “connection” and communing to others in the audience that made him want to dance – what he referred to as “the soul of dance.”
Vilaro highlighted his struggles to acquire the education he longed for. “My parents didn’t have money to send me, so I needed to go to school and work at the same time.” His daily commutes extended from the Bronx to Long Island to Manhattan and his careerpath, along the years, included multiple jobs that were not dance-centric. However he stressed that whatever he did, he always made sure he did not lose his focus on dance.
Vilaro found sanctuary as a dancer in Ballet Hispanico for ten years, where he thrived, loving the work and learning a great deal about the wider world of Hispanic dance and dancers.
Following his tenure as a dancer in Ballet Hispanico, he moved to Chicago where he both completed a Master’s degree in Interdisciplinary Arts and Pedagogy, and created his own $1.2 million dance company, Luna Negra, which he ran for ten years.
It was after that experience that he was recruited to return to Ballet Hispanico as its second Artistic Director, the post he currently holds.  This  “identity journey” also influenced who he became as Artistic Director of BalletHispanico. “I have needed to reconnect to where I came from, particularly because I came from a place to which I cannot not return.”
A Q&A session with the students expanded on Vilaro’s life as a dancer and as a professional and offered him the opportunity to further discuss the process of auditioning and the importance of taking the initiative: “You have to do it. Don’t wait for anyone, don’t wait for the manual – there is no manual. There are guidelines and there are fabulous instructors and people that can share their knowledge and their wealth of enthusiasm – but there is no manual.”
In its fifth year, Make Art Work is designed to bring professionals in the art world together with students and the community for a dialogue on the business of art. The series will focus on providing tools, guidance and strategies for success to the next generation of artists and will expand understanding of what it takes to live as an artist in the twenty-first century. Each talk includes a question and answer session,allowing students and the public opportunities for direct communication with leaders in the art world.
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