"A Flea In Her Ear" wraps up the College Theater Season

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College theater students Krystal Valdes, Mark Guardamino, Alfi Ramirez, Vivian Rubio, Freddy Valle in a scene from the play A Flea in her EarMIAMI — New World School of the Art’s college theater students present the classic French farce, A Flea In Her Ear, by Georges Feydeau, translated by Barnett Shaw. This La Belle Époque play, written in 1907 and performed for the first time in the United States in 1967, is directed by Andrew Noble and features a cast comprised of college juniors and seniors.  In his director’s notes, Noble comments, “Feydeau wrote in the tradition of the "well made play" of Scribe and Labiche. The complexity of his plots has been likened to a "Chinese Box." Although originally set in the early years of the twentieth century, NWSA’s production places the action firmly in the modern era.
A Flea In Her Ear opens at 7:30 PM on Wednesday, April 9, at the Louise O. Gerrits Theater – located at 25 NE 2nd Street, 8th Floor, downtown Miami. Additional performances will be offered on April 10, 11 and 12 at 7:30 and on April 13 and 7 at 2:00 PM. General admission is $12, students and seniors is $5. Tickets can be purchased online at http://nwsa.mdc.edu
“The cast of ‘Flea’ is graduating acting track theater students and juniors with the major roles going to those who have had less exposure this production season. All are rising to the challenges of playing the clever twists and turns of the plot with its mistaken identities, split second timing, super fast exits and entrances, hilarious risqué moments and they are on course to give audiences a wind-up unforgettably comic evening,” mentioned director Andrew Noble.
He has been dubbed "the Bach of his genre," explained Noble. “He satirized bourgeois pretensions, morality and convention. There are hints of the absurdist in the darker undercurrent of Feydeau's use of farcical circumstances.” Feydeau (1862 - 1921) enjoyed a revival of interest in the UK and USA in the 1970's with the runaway success of La Puce a l'oreille (A Flea in Her Ear) that all but eclipsed his other works. Deemed as perhaps the greatest farce of all time, A Flea In Her Ear is a cat-and-mouse chase that underscores the toils and tribulations of every people placed in arbitrary circumstances with humiliating results.
The root of a seemingly conventional marriage, a bout of suspicion along with unexpected mistaken identity, leads the characters of this hilarious farce into a wild goose chase. Raymonde suspects her husband Victor of having an affair and, with the help of her friend Lucienne, decides to catch him in the act. Raymonde’s plot backfires, however, as Victor is only suffering from an emotional ailment that has nothing to do with her absurd suspicions. Meanwhile, bad timing, seduction and misunderstanding sets off a series of unfortunate events reeling-in colorful characters who chase each other through slamming doors and fly off spinningbeds in the seedy Hotel Coq d’Or. The misunderstood Camille, a young man with a speech impediment, sets out to straighten the confusion but only worsens the situation. An alcoholic, a silver palate, a gun and a doctor looking for love thicken the plot to a climatic state before the couple realize the gravity of their mistaken suspicion and vow to go back to their most amorous basics.
ANDREW NOBLE (Director) was educated in the U.K. at the University of Birmingham College of Education and at East 15 Acting School (Joan Littlewood). He co-founded and was artistic director of The Orchard Theatre Company with the Beaford Centre/Dartington Hall Trust, which became a European model for regionally based peripatetic theatre. Subsequently, he became Director of The Plough Arts Centre in the U.K., Director of The New Zealand School Of Drama, Assistant Professor in the University of Miami Theater Department, Assistant Director in the Education Department at Coconut Grove Playhouse, and a co-founder of S.E.A.T (Alternative Theatre) in Miami. He taught in the Theatre Division at NWSA, for 17 years,where he was a Professor, before retiring in 2011. In 2013, Noble returned to direct Gunther Grass's The Plebeians Rehearse the Uprising with the Sophomore class.  This semester he has been teaching Sophomore Acting and directing A Flea in her Ear. Andrew Noble splits his time between the U.K. and Miami.
About the NWSA Theater program:
Theater and music theater students at NWSA hone their craft through acting technique, movement and speech classes, focusing on fundamentals of physical and emotional preparation. With performance at itscore, training is based on the classical texts and the principles of drama as well as practical incursions into the contemporary and experimental edges of theater. Consequently, alumni are found performing onstage nationally and internationally and their talent and vision are recognized and highly regarded in the industry.
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Photo by Patrice Bailey, dean of theater, NWSA
(left to right):  Krystal Valdes, Mark Guardamino, Alfi Ramirez, Vivian Rubio, Freddy Valle