Dr. Contessa S. Bryant, NWSA Music alumna selected to lead NWSA High School as Principal. Dr. Maggie Rodriguez joins her as the new Assistant Principal

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Contessa Bryant principal press release picture.New World School of the Arts proudly announces Miami-Dade County Public Schools' appointment of Contessa Bryant Ed.D., as Principal of NWSA High School. A 1992 graduate of the NWSA Music Division, Dr. Bryant returns as a seasoned educator and administrator where she will be responsible for planning, organizing, administering and directing academic and operational activities at the high school level, which are essential to the operation of NWSA. The 2020-2021 academic year also welcomes Maggie Rodriguez, Ed.D., who along with Dr. Bryant, will lead the high school in the role of Assistant Principal.

"I can't believe that I get the opportunity to return to my alma mater, a place that gave me so much, to serve as Principal," said Dr. Bryant. "I marched down these hallways as a youngster - yes learning my discipline; but more importantly, I learned lessons of love, humanity, leadership and advocacy. It is an honor to join the ranks of those who ensure pure enjoyment of this magical place for our students - the NWSA Faculty & Staff.

"For me, this work is simple in SCALE - Students, Communication, Advocacy, Love and Excellence. These are the core beliefs I will use to do this work alongside you. New World has always been a place of excellence, and the stage is set to magnify/scale up that excellence."

"Dr. Bryant’s return to NWSA as our Principal illustrates fully how training in the arts prepares one to be a creative, passionate and effective leader. There can’t be someone more prepared to be an impactful advocate for the NWSA students, faculty and staff and we are truly blessed to welcome her back home to New World School of the Arts," expressed Dr. Jeffrey Hodgson, Provost and CEO of NWSA.

Farewell to Myrna Palley, friend and longtime supporter of NWSA

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Sheldon and Myrna Palley press release photo one.Sheldon and Myrna Palley press release photo two.

Myrna Palley, philanthropist, art collector and a great friend and supporter of the arts in our community has left this world. Her loss will be felt for years by the NWSA family and her actions and dedication to our students will forever keep her memory alive. A New World School of the Arts Foundation Board member since the founding of the school in 1986, Myrna and her husband Sheldon Palley were among the most loyal supporters of New World School of the Arts, present at every event showing their care and dedication to the advancement of our student’s artistic training and education. “Her acts of kindness and philanthropy went beyond financial donations – Myrna cared about every facet of our students’ wellbeing, whether it was helping to provide a home for a student in need, taking the time to talk to them about their interests or writing a check on the spot to purchase dance shoes or art supplies for an upcoming performance, she always demonstrated her unconditional support,” said Jeffrey Hodgson, Provost and CEO of New World School of the Arts. “Myrna and Sheldon have supported so many students and programs of New World School of the Arts over so many years. Her legacy of love for the arts, our students and our community will last forever and I’m eternally grateful for the care and support she showed to me and all of us at NWSA.”

Gustavo Plascencia leads the NWSA Visual Arts Division as Dean

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Dean Plascencia press release photo.New World School of the Arts has selected exhibiting professional artist and educator O. Gustavo Plascencia as Dean of Visual Arts to lead the high school and college visual arts programs. “Mr. Plascencia joins NWSA in a moment where creativity is key more than ever. He will support our students and faculty to be able to be creative and productive in this challenging time by being a creative and resourceful administrator, leading in truly unprecedented times. Through his artistry and administrative skill I know Gustavo will be an asset to our school and cultural community,” said Dr. Jeffrey Hodgson, Provost of New World School of the Arts. “I encourage the arts community and our alumni to get to know him and welcome him to South Florida and NWSA. ”
“New World School of the Arts is an inspiring and unique institution with faculty who in addition to be being excellent educators are culture makers with a very active roles in the community,” said Plascencia. “It is clear that NWSA is a student-centered institution that has nourished lasting partnerships with alumni and has a visible presence in the community. I am honored to have the opportunity to join this incredible school.”

Cello Lab Miami at New World School of the Arts offers two-week online cello intensive

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cellolab prCello Lab Miami at New World School of the Arts, a virtual summer intensive lead by NWSA faculty member Dr. Bryan Hayslett, will be offered online, providing cello students an opportunity to further their musical growth over the summer and meet peers from around the country. The two-week program offers daily technique warm ups, supervised practice time, peak performance workshops, and weekly lessons with Dr. Hayslett.
NWSA Dean of Music, Dr. Daniel Andai, states that he “is very proud of the faculty who are overcoming challenges created by Covid-19 in creative and artistic ways. Dr. Hayslett’s innovative Cello Lab Miami at New World School of the Arts is a prime example of the type of programming that can enthusiastically and responsibly keep music alive in Miami for current students and community members.”
"Without summer festivals, students are missing important networking opportunities and motivation to practice while school is not in session. Cello Lab Miami will provide these vital benefits, while introducing the studio to top teachers and performers around the country. Not only does this program support our students in a time when we are unable to meet in person, it also adds a new program to grow the NWSA community" said Dr. Hayslett.
Enrolled students will learn from guest artists in master classes and presentations and will get to know each other through virtual social events. Guest artists are cellists Jean-Michel Fonteneau (of San Francisco Conservatory) and Nick Photinos (of the Grammy-winning Eighth Blackbird). Events take place daily June 15-27. 
Cello Lab Miami at New World School of the Arts:
• June 15-27, 2020. Monday- Friday. 10 AM-5 PM
• Eligibility: High school and College students (recent graduates accepted)
• Requirements: Internet connection that supports video chatting. Device with microphone and camera
• Application are accepted online: https://www.bryanhayslett.com/cellolab
• Tuition for the two-week program is $600 per student. Scholarships are available
• Information about tuition and scholarship opportunities: Dr. Bryan Hayslett at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Dynamic, captivating, engaging online college commencement ceremony celebrates class of 2020 Tuesday, may 26 @ 2pm, live on youtube

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New World School of the Arts is set to host a virtual commencement ceremony to celebrate the NWSA College graduating Class of 2020, amid the Coronavirus school closings. NWSA has created an online event that will be available via the internet and will be broadcast live via YouTube giving students, parents, friends and family the opportunity to engage during the live chat in celebration of the graduates.
“This year's commencement ceremony will be like none other in the history of this institution and unlike anything our graduates have seen. Our students have persevered through years of education and rigorous artistic training and for many this represents the culmination of their hard work at this stage in their lives. We’re not only excited to share this momentous occasion with them, their parents, mentors, family, and friends, but also, we’re thrilled to celebrate the unwavering resolve they have dedicated to their craft while at New World School of the Arts. It’s their time to shine and it’s our honor and privilege to offer them a celebration they will forever hold dear to their heart as they embark, full of hope in a world that has become vastly different than from when they began their journey at NWSA,” said Dr. Jeffrey Hodgson, Provost and CEO of New World School of the Arts.
The New World School of the Arts college commencement ceremony will premiere on Tuesday, May 26 at 2 PM on the New World School of the Arts YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChDOMrN5mkqlJ2eU-lfYcKQ
The link can also be found at https://nwsa.mdc.edu/ and NWSA’s social media channels.

“e•qui•lib•ri•a” 2020 Visual Arts BFA Exhibition to be Presented as a Virtual Show for the First Time in the History of New World School of the Arts

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Christine VR photo.Briana VR show.

The New World School of the Arts Visual Arts BFA Exhibition, EQUILIBRIA, will be presented virtually for the first time in the history of NWSA. Featuring the work of the 25 artists in the college graduating class of 2020, these exceptional and determined artists have completed their undergraduate careers during the time of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis. Within one month of preparations, the students, along with their faculty and lead by NWSA Dean of Visual Arts, John Slepian, have completed a full interactive website showcasing their work, bios, statements and some even including detailed renderings of how their work might be experienced in live surroundings.
The NWSA Visual Arts BFA website launches on Friday, May 15 with a Zoom party to celebrate the accomplishments of the groups four year educational journey at NWSA. Thereafter, the website will be live for guests to enjoy without a closure date.
The NWSA Visual Arts BFA website will go live at 5 PM at https://www.nwsavisualartsbfa.com/

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