BFA Theater students will be present One Person Shows as the culmination of their art career at NWSA

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BFA Senior project One person show Christian OrtegaBFA Senior One person show Michelle Noguera

MIAMI – Fourteen graduating seniors from New World School of the Arts’ college theater program present One-Person Shows as their B.FA Senior Project. Writing, acting and producing their own 20-30minute piece requires “verve and an abundance of creativity and self-reliance” stated David Kwiat, coordinator of the project at NWSA.
Schedule of presentation:
1.    Thursday, December 17: Program A: 5:00 pm; Program B: 8:00 pm
2.    Friday, December 18: Program A: 8:00 pm; Program B: 5:00 pm
3.    Thursday, January 7: Program C: 5:00 pm; Program D:  8:00 pm
4.    Friday, January 8: Program C: 8:00 pm; Program D:  5:00 pm

All four programs will be presented at the Louise O. Gerrits Theater at New World School of the Arts, MDC Wolfson Campus, Building #5. 25 NE 2 Street, 8th floor, downtown Miami. All performances are free and open to the public.
Programs A and B: December 17 and 18
Bill A:
1.    Anissa Comonte (When Sparks Fly) – For Victoria, life up to this point has always been spark plugs and engine grease, just the way she likes it. Now, a recent dangerous discovery has set her on a journey towards questioning her morals, her country, and the rest of her life.
2.    Carl Alvarez (Lovestruck) – Eron Val Goodman is a motivational speaker who is on a mission to help people. As a love guru, he will stop atnothing to make sure your love life reaches the next level. Like he always says: “Love is not our choice, but in our fate.”
3.    Melissa Bibliowicz (My Little Lamp) – When life throws you lemons, make tea. Elizabeth has served some of the most influential icons of history and has learned and taught a plethora of things. But what does a genie, with so much knowledge do when she has to serve a 16 year-old girl? All Elizabeth knows is: we all need to serve someone.
Bill B:
1.    Michelle Noguera (Born to Be Blonde) – Francis dreams of nothing more than to work under the wing of Alfred Hitchcock, but it comes with a price. Does she have what it takes?
2.    Carlos Hincapie (Hey, Mr. Sam) – Luis refuses to let the government tell him what a marriage is supposed to be. But when a falsified marriage becomes true love, a choice must be made.
3.    Alexis Konig (Jacques) – Follow French chansoniste Jacques Brel as he examines his life, his love, and himself.
4.    Brianna Gagné (Sis. Amiss) – Dishing the dirt with a Mormon missionary mess up. Joan, about to embark on her third attempt at a mission, questions whether this is really where she should be.

Programs C and D: January 7 and 8
Bill C:  
1.    Daniel Llaca (Make Yourself at Home) – A man struggles with a career he never wanted as an interrogator and the impact it has on his life.
2.    Thiana Berrick (Skin Deep) – Is acne ruining your life? Erin Faye has your fix; for only $19.99 you can try this new miracle skin remedy that’s sure to leave you with stunning results.
3.    Domenic Servidio (The Good, The Bad, and the Yoohoo) – Jack is a little boy with a big imagination. Join him on his journey through the wild, wild West where he finds his inner courage to be a real life cowboy.

Bill D:
1.    Natalie McPherson (Dateless) – Samantha Collins no longer has a date to her younger sister’s wedding. Will she find that special someone or will she remain dateless?
2.    Christian Ortega (One Man, Two Dreams) – Charlie has everything he wants in life, the job of a lifetime and the girl of his dreams. Now all he has to do is choose.
3.    Nick Valdes (Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow) – January 7th and 8th in my mom’s basement; let’s talk about how much we love Disney! Free cookies!
4.    Lisa Pertierra (Him) – Alex is about to walk through the door to change his entire life. But, what’s stopping him?
For the past twenty-six years David Kwiat has been the coordinator of the One Festival.  He is a professor in the Theater Division at NWSA and has performed with numerous local and national theater companies as well as having performed his own one-person show; John Barrymore: Confessions of an Actor in London, the Edinburgh International Festival and well as throughout the United States.  He also received the Carbonell Award for “Best Actor” as well as “Best Supporting Actor.”
New World School of the Arts was created by the Florida Legislature as a center of excellence in the performing and visual arts, is an educational partnership of Miami Dade County Public Schools, Miami Dade College and the University of Florida. Information about the NWSA Theater program is available by calling 305-237-3541 or visiting
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