“EMERGE” - A dance performance of passion, skill and creativity by the BFA dance class

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NWSA college dance ensembleAs one of the most anticipated performance of the college, the New World School of the Arts College BFA Dance Concert will present Emerge, a program thatshowcases the passion, skill, and creativity of nine new choreographic voices.
As the title suggests, this dynamic program will present a program of works which embody the joys and struggles of emerging as a creative artist and performer. The BFA Dance Concert marks the most comprehensive and final project delivered by NWSA’s dance graduates.
The NWSA Dance BFA Concert is on February 19 and 20 at 7:30 PM. New World Dance Theater, 25 NE 2nd Street, downtown, Miami. General admission, students and seniors: $5. Tickets are available by calling 305-237-3341 or online at http://nwsa.mdc.edu
Mary Lisa Burns, dean of dance at NWSA highlights, “Taking inspiration from this pivotal point in their artistic lives, these nine choreographer/dancers have worked, with guidance from NWSA faculty member Lara Murphy and feedback from the full faculty of professional dancer/choreographers, to bring their kinetic imaginations andskills in a variety of styles of dance to the stage. From a powerful contemporary ballet en pointe to the infectious rhythms of tap dance, the evening presents dances evoking a bustling New York City sidewalk, the memory of shared family togetherness, and a duet of sensuously menacing danger. The gifts and aspirations of these young artists emerge before our eyes as the evening unfolds.”
“The BFA performance for the college dancers is essentially their performance pieces,” explained Murphy. “They have to be responsible for every aspect of it – choreography, dancing, costuming, lighting design, budgeting, press releases – they have to practice writing all these things and developing all of these aspects just as they would if they wanted to produce their own performance. This allows them to test the waters, to challenge themselves, and to take risks that they might not be able to takechoreographically because they have the faculty support.”
To learn more about the New World School of the Arts BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts) Dance Concert, please see Lara Murphy’s full interview, available at http://nwsa.mdc.edu/college-dance-faculty-nwsa.html
The BFA Dance Concert choreography includes:
Penumbral Abyss choreographed by Felipe Arencibia, is a contemporary ballet work for four women dancing en pointe which evokes images of darkness suffocating light in an ominous setting of movement, imagery, and music.
Connections & Detachments, a vibrant dance for eight dancers pits tap dancers against contemporary modern dancers and evokes the tension between the tedium of a New York City bus stop and the swirl of activity which surrounds it.  
Choreographer Laura Lopez presents a sinuously flowing duet, Menace, danced by Lopez and Eric Gil in which embodied fear surrounds and threatens to engulf, control, and smother.  
Gourmet a la Francais is a warm and whimsical invitation to the world of choreographer Zoe Austin’s childhood memories of family cuisine with the women of her French-Canadian family. This dance for three, set to music by Annie Cordie and Jacques Brel, brings thisworld to life.
New World School of the Arts was created by the Florida Legislature as a center of excellence in the performing and visual arts. It is an educational partnership of Miami-Dade County Public Schools, MiamiDade College and the University of Florida. Through these educational partnerships NWSA’ audition-based dance program, accredited by the National Association of Schools of Art, Dance, Music and Theater, offers the high school diploma and four-year BFA college degree. Areas of concentration in Dance include Ballet, Choreography, Modern Dance, and World Dance.
For more information about the BFA Concert at New World School of the Arts, please call 305-237-3341 or visit us online at http://nwsa.mdc.edu