New World School of the Arts is among only ten schools nationwide to be distinguished as a National Demonstration School by Magnet Schools of America

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New World School of the Arts aerial view.Led by New World School of the Arts High School Principal Evonne Alvarez, NWSA has been identified as a National Demonstration School, a distinction the school shares with just nine other schools in the United States. Announced by Magnet Schools of America (MSA), NWSA is among the first cohort of National Certified Magnet Schools, comprised of 55 schools located in 12 states. The cohort successfully completed a nine-month evaluation process and demonstrated through evidence, reflection, and strategic action that they have established the Magnet School Standards of Excellence in their schools.
“The National Certification application was challenging and provided us with the opportunity to evaluate our program based on the standards of excellence which national magnet schools are held to. It was an opportunity for growth and we are humbled by this incredible recognition,” said Alvarez. “This honor provides NWSA with local and national exposure and the opportunity to learn from others. When magnet schools are designated as a model for the rest of the country, it certainly opens the conversation for future funding. The faculty is exemplary and is looking forward to sharing best practices with colleagues around the nation.”
“When New World School of the Arts opened 30 years ago it was a pioneer of the magnet school model. Its founders wanted to eliminate the normal neighborhood borders and provide students from across a wide geographical area equitable access to specialized and focused training,” explained Dr. Jeffrey Hodgson, Provost and CEO of New World School of the Arts. “The results have always been clear, that student and parent choice, together with a curriculum delivered by expert faculty produces significant results.  I’m happy we have the opportunity to be highlighted as a national model school; it is a well-deserved honor for our students and their faculty and everyone over the years that contributed to building New World School of the Arts.”
The first of its kind, the certification was created to recognize the most exemplary high school magnet programs, taking into consideration the five pillars of magnet schools which define the essential elements and characteristics of high-quality magnet programs: diversity; innovative curriculum and professional development; academic excellence; high quality instructional systems; and, family and community partnerships.
The press release just serviced by MSA highlights that, “The ten National Demonstration Schools, including New World School of the Arts, exceeded the criteria outlined in the Standards of Excellence and are models that should be closely studied and replicated. The Demonstration Schools will serve as learning laboratories for school innovation and improvement for others to observe and follow”
“This is an important opportunity to showcase the transformative leadership and instructional best practices that are integrated into these exceptional schools,” said Kelly Bucherie, National Director for Magnet School Leadership. “The bar has been set very high for magnet schools and other choice programs. Achieving this prominent status should inspire others to strive for similar levels of excellence.”
The first cohort of applicants included 110 schools. Among these schools 55 were certified, 10 were identified as National Demonstration Schools, 39 filed for an extension to become certified, and 16 schools did not successfully complete the certification process.
About NWSA: A Florida center of excellence in the visual and performing arts, NWSA provides a comprehensive program of artistic, creative and academic development through a curriculum that reflects the rich multicultural state of Florida. With programs accredited by the National Association of Schools of Art, Dance, Music and Theater, NWSA offers the Associate in Arts degree (AA), the four-year BFA and BM college degrees, and the high school diploma. Through its rigorous curriculum and conservatory-style teaching NWSA empowers its students to become leaders in the arts.
At New World School of the Arts, visual arts students are able to explore and develop their personal artistic and aesthetic vision while being guided by a dynamic and distinguished faculty who are all practicing artists. Through disciplined training in traditional and new media, students also develop new skills and refine others while gaining invaluable understanding of the roles of art and design in society. Areas of concentration in visual arts include Drawing, Electronic Media, Graphic Design, Painting, Photography, Printmaking, and Sculpture.
About MSA: Magnet Schools of America (MSA) is a nonprofit education association that represents more than 4,340 magnet schools serving nearly 3.5 million students. MSA was founded in 1986 and authorized as a 501(c)3 in 1994. It supports and serves the leaders and teachers of magnet and theme-based schools, while promoting the development of new magnet programs and public schools of choice. It also provides technical assistance through the National Institute for Magnet School Leadership (NIMSL).
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