Singular voices explore scenarios in One Person Shows

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One person show picture of actor.Milton Menedez in drag for one person show.

The One Person Shows is an annual tradition at New World School of the Arts. It is a collection of 15 to 20-minute one-person plays written, directed and acted by the NWSA College BFA seniors in the Theater division. Though each student has a faculty advisor on their project, the entire artistic and aesthetic experience of each play is totally created by the student. This year, there are eighteen graduating seniors from our acting and music theatre tracks and the festival is divided into four programs, over two weeks. These plays vary in style and genre, but they stand as true representations of the mindset of these students. Themes of this year’s festival range from immigration, intolerance & xenophobia to women discovering their voice in male dominated societies to importance of comedy. These one-person plays are rich with creativity, thought and reflect our lives today. Faculty Advisors include: Dean of Theater, Patrice Bailey; Stuart Meltzer; James Randolph and Michael McKeever.

All One Person Shows will be presented at Louise O Gerrits Theater. 25 NE 2nd Street, 8th Floor, downtown Miami 33132. All shows are Free and open to the public. Information at 305-237-3541

Program A: December 13; 4:30 PM & 7:30 PM  |  Program B: December 14; 4:30 PM & 7:30 PM
Program C: December 20; 4:30 PM & 7:30 PM  |  Program D: December 21; 4:30 PM & 7:30 PM

Among the one Person Shows to be presented this year is There’s Really a Wolf by Gabe Salgado: with his job on the line, Jose will have to defeat all odds to make it to work on time. It’s the surprising and physically demanding obstacles that get in his way that make Jose question if his job is even worth all the aggravation. Paola y la Luna by Stephanie Vazquez: Vilma has sought asylum in the United States and is being held in a room. Her child Luna has been taken away from her. This is Vilma’s nightmare come into reality and she is forced to do whatever it takes to get her child back. Kaddish by Stephen Eisenwasser: a professional dancer tries to hide during the liquidation of the Warsaw Ghetto in 1943. In the face of death and destruction, Shlomo finds release and solace in dance and his absolute belief that everyone deserves a prayer when they die. A Marge is Born by Milton Mendez: 10 Years after divorcing Homer Simpson, the beloved housewife Marge, is on the last leg of her jazz tour in Miami reminiscing about her career and the sacrifices she made to get there. Me Since You by Rachel O’Hara: a chance encounter with a man on her way home from the grocery store changes Mary’s life forever. But very few things are by chance.
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