One Festival goes virtual this season for three days December 16, 17, & 18

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The 2020 edition of The One Festival will be unlike any other in the history of New World School of the Arts as it makes its premiere Virtually via the school’s YouTube channel. The biggest festival in the NWSA Theatre division's history, the One Festival is a collection of fifteen-minute plays written, directed and acted by BFA seniors. In four programs over the course of three days, the themes of these plays are relevant, varied and personal and will take audiences on what is on the conscience of these artists offering an important display of vibrant artistic styles and intricate stories about the human condition.


PROGRAM A: December 16; 7 PM
PROGRAM B: December 17; 7 PM
PROGRAM C: December 18; 7 PM

One Festival will be livestreamed on the NWSA YouTube channel at

PROGRAM A: December 16; 7 PM

R.B.A by Tatyana Mack: It’s every girl’s dream to be married and have their “Cinderella Moment” ... Right??

Holy Hell by Emily D’Addio: Michelle desperately wants to learn how to fix her life and herself after tragedy strikes. Only God knows, and He’s not talking.

In the Hyphen by Deanna Gamboa: A young woman from New York has always denied her Hispanic roots but today she must defend herself or embrace a new part of her identity.

Path of a Jedi by John Luis: On a quest to save his mother, one geek’s adventure takes him to a galaxy far, far away...

Half Kiddin’ by Julio Cesar Otero: A vilomah clown, a missing deaf-mute kid, and a song yet to be finished. Two jokes waiting on a punchline.

PROGRAM B: December 17; 7 PM

The Grinchette by Dani Vazquez: Get ready for some holiday cheer. For Who’s of all places far and near! Guaranteed to bring you joy and laughter, It’s the annual Whoville Christmas Spectacular ...Starring Grinchette!

• The Absence of Desire by Rachael Lagasse: Have you ever heard of the saying “there’s gotta be something out there”? Well, I finally found them and I’m not leaving without saying goodbye.

Lovestruck by Pablo Pernia: Cupid Valentine is back for the final night of his “Make Romance Great Again Tour” but things take an unexpected turn when he is struck by an arrow more powerful than love, the truth.

The Wrath of Elisabeta by Annette Rodriguez: You may know Dracula, but do you know his wife? Elisabeta has been hunting him down for centuries--and now sweet vengeance is finally at hand.

Sacrificing Me, Losing You by Hailey Hafer: Elise finds herself stuck in a messy situation when trying to be a good person gets the better of her. Faced with her consequences will she crack under pressure or will she follow through will her promises?

PROGRAM C: December 18; 7 PM

Final Stop by Eli Flynn: After years of suffering at the hands of his family, Charlie has come to his wit’s end. In an effort to escape the life he once knew Charlie will do anything to keep him and his little brother out of harm’s way.

Week Seven, Day Five by Morgan Parker: There’s no better time to say goodbye then after someone is already gone, right?

*Retreat by Skyler Cartwright: When your freedom is stripped away, will you fight it or bear the captivity? Stella will help you decide.

In Control by Isabella Stevens: It’s been one hundred years since the roaring decade of the 1920s, yet old fault lines are still visible. After reality hits her in the face, Rosie’s fantasies fade away, making way for a new kind of woman.

• That’s Totally Tanya by Mikayla Queeley: Luna Star's opportunity comes knocking! The question is: Is the door really open?

About NWSA: A Florida center of excellence in the visual and performing arts, NWSA provides a comprehensive program of artistic, creative and academic development through a curriculum that reflects the rich multicultural state of Florida. With programs accredited by the National Association of Schools of Art, Dance, Music and Theater, NWSA offers four-year BFA and BM college degrees, as well as the high school diploma. Through its rigorous curriculum and conservatory-style teaching NWSA empowers its students to become leaders in the arts. New World School of the Arts was created by the Florida Legislature as a center of excellence in the performing and visual arts. It is an educational partnership of Miami Dade County Public Schools, Miami Dade College and the University of Florida.

About NWSA’s Theater program: The New World School of the Arts theater program is dedicated to the professional training of talented and committed students interested in pursuing a performing career in theater and music theater, offering students an opportunity to work in a hands-on intensive, physically demanding, artistically challenging and exciting environment. Guided by faculty who are professional actors, directors, playwrights and designers, the curriculum is a progressive journey toward the ownership of a personal technique and a comprehensive methodology of working. The faculty guides the student through the discovery and exploration of self, the learning of diverse techniques used in our craft, intensive rehearsal process, and finally the application of this knowledge into dramatic forms and styles in productions. The NWSA College BFA program culminates each year with showcases in Miami and in New York City. Information about the NWSA Theater program is available by calling 305-237-3541, by visiting or by calling the main office at 305-237-3135.