Financial Aid

You must complete a Federal Financial Aid Form to determine your eligibility. It takes between 6-8 weeks for the application to be processed.

Available Financial Aid Programs

  • Pell Grant: Free money you receive to pay for your college education and college related expenses.
  • Student Loan: Money that you borrow from the bank to pay for your college education and college related expenses. These low interest loans must be paid back to the lender after completion of your studies.
  • Book Loan: A book loan is an advancement on your Pell Grant that is used to help you buy books. Book loans will be mailed to you before the beginning of the new term.
  • Scholarships: Free money that you receive from a donor who has specified the criteria for the award. NWSA awards scholarships based on merit. Scholarships are used to pay tuition and/or fees.
  • Work Study: Part-time jobs on & off-campus that are available to students who qualify for Financial Aid. These jobs pay minimum wage and are tax free.

Myrna and Sheldon Palley Student Support Fund

Grants may be available to full time New World School of the Arts (NWSA) students who experience an acute and unexpected short-term hardship (e.g. significant reduction or disruption in salary, unexpected unreimbursed medical bills, living expenses). Award decisions will be made based on the applicant’s individual situation. Amounts awarded are subject to limitations. Grants will generally be a maximum of $500 due to limited funds available. Applicants must state the amount requested and provide documentation to support that amount. Funding for this grant comes from a donor sponsored fund.
Applicants must be full time students registered for a minimum of 12 credit hours, six (6) if applying in summer, for the term in which the grant is being requested. The grant is not subject to repayment. Students will be awarded at most one grant within a twelve (12) month period. Applications, including all supporting materials, should be submitted via email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Additional information may be requested.

Aid a Gator

Emergency Grants that provide funding to students experiencing unanticipated expenses due to an emergency situation. This financial assistance is intended as a funding bridge for UF students to cover education-related expenses. This is a grant, NOT a loan.

UF Short Term Loans

Available to students enrolled at least half-time to help meet temporary, emergency financial needs related to educational expenses. Registered students with valid repayment sources may borrow up to $1,000 if tuition is paid or deferred, or the amount of their in-state tuition. 1% interest is charged monthly. Funds are normally disbursed within 48-72 hours.