Information for Seniors

Financial Obligations

  • Cost: Depends on student, must be paid before May 15th and to receive diploma
  • Due Date: All year

Arts Recognition and Talent Search


  • SAT
  • ACT
  • Cost: $38.00 - $52.00
  • Due Dates: September-January
  • Event Dates:October-June

College Applications

  • Cost: depends on application fees and to how many schools applied for


  • Cost: none
  • Due Date: deadlines vary

Financial Aid Applications

  • Cost: none
  • Due Date: deadlines vary

College Visits/Auditions

  • Cost: depends on college and/or audition location


  • Cost: free
  • Contact: Registrar

MDC Dual-enrollment Credits

  • Cost: free
  • Contact: Registration & Records

Senior Portraits

  • Portraits by Fox-Mar Photography
  • Cost: free for yearbook ONLY sittings OR depends on package ordered
  • Due Date: early-Summer to late-November to be in yearbook


  • Cost: $45.00 - 60.00
  • Due Date: August - June (depending on availability)
  • Delivery: late-May

Personal Yearbook Ads

  • Cost: depends on ad size
  • Due Date: September-February
  • Ad Materials Deadline: March 1st

Senior Activities