Dance Audition Requirements

Video Audition Submissions

We are accepting Video Auditions for the NWSA college program for the 2024-2025 academic year on an ongoing basis. Please review this information and email your submission to

View instructions for your video submission.

In-Person Auditions

In-person audition dates for the 2023-2024 academic year is TBD. All in-person auditions will be held at:

New World School of the Arts Dance Theater
25 NE 2nd Street, Room 5808
Miami, FL 33132

Online Application

Submit complete application packet here.

Dance Admission / Audition Requirements

To be admitted to the Dance Division students must be accepted through an audition process. To prepare for auditions applicants are requested to wear appropriate dance attire. Please do NOT wear leg warmers, sweaters or jewelry. Men should wear black tights or jazz pants, white T-shirt and ballet slippers. Women should wear leotard, tights and ballet slippers.  For the modern dance section applicants must be barefoot.

Applicants will participate in a ballet class and a modern dance class in order to demonstrate talent, technical and improvisational ability and potential, creativity, and ability to take direction.  Class will last approximately 1 hour.

Each applicant will also be asked to perform a short solo dance, not to exceed one minute, in either ballet, modern or jazz dance style.  The solo may be from the classic or contemporary repertoire or be an original work composed by the student or a teacher.  The purpose of this solo dance is to demonstrate the applicant's performing skill.  Each candidate is advised to provide a recording of musical accompaniment, preferably on an iPod or phone. It is also advisable to bring music in two forms, for example, on an iPod as well as a phone.

Criteria For Acceptance

  • Talent and potential as a performer. The faculty is most interested in those students who show strong performing abilities
  • Level and quality of training. Because the purpose of NWSA is to train professional dancers and choreographers, prior formal dance training is required
  • Musicality

Video Audition Guidelines

Video auditions will be accepted November 10, 2021 through May 1, 2022.Please submit your video link or MP4 to Dean Burns at mlburns@mdc.eduusing the video audition guidelines below.

NOTE: Technique MUST precede solo performance on the DVD or youtube channel.  The audition should be introduced in the following manner: "My name is...; the first part of my audition is...."

I. TECHNIQUE (approximately five minutes)

Brief demonstration of technical ability, as follows:


Barre work – several examples

  • Center floor - Grand Adagio, including steps such as grands pliés, développés, promenades and pirouettes
  • Through space - Petit Allegro, including such steps as pas de bourrée, entrechats-quatre, sissonnes, glissades, pas de chats, brisés; Grand Allegro, including such steps as grand jetés, grand jetés entrechats (men should include double tours en l'air and entrechats-six)


  • In place - total body movement at all spatial levels demonstrating balance, extension, use of torso, isolations and control of off-center movement
  • Through space - combinations demonstrating turns, falls and elevation at slow and fast tempos

II. PERFORMANCE (One minute in length)

A short solo dance in either ballet, modern or jazz dance style. 

The solo may be from the classic or contemporary repertoire or be an original work composed by the student or a teacher.

The video should contain the following types of performance:

  • Five minutes of technique (ballet and modern)
  • One minute solo performance of applicant's choice

Specifications for Preparation of Video

  • Video audition should be emailed as a video link (YouTube, Vimeo, etc.) Musical accompaniment is preferable. Make sure that the sound can be heard clearly
  • The performance space should be large enough so that the performer's movements are not constrained
  • The camera should be placed sufficiently close to the performer so that positioning and movement of all parts of the body are clearly visible. The camera should frame the entire body at all times
  • The camera should remain in one location during filming and the work should be shot straight on. However, if the performance space is large, the camera may pan to keep the performer in view. Zooms are permitted, but only if the full body is kept in view.


During the NWSA application process, official transcripts are not required. We highly recommend that you have your unofficial transcript available in case the division needs to provide class recommendations for your first semester.

Upon final acceptance to New World School of the Arts*, final and official transcripts for each school that you attended must be mailed to:

Miami Dade College
Attention: Transcript Processing Services
11011 S.W. 104th Street, Room R301
Miami, FL 33176

*Transfer students who are advised by NWSA to apply directly to University of Florida
must send their final and official transcripts to:

The UF Office of Admissions
P.O. Box 114000
Gainesville, FL 32611-4000