Theater Audition Requirements

Video Audition Submissions

We are accepting Video Auditions for the NWSA college program for the 2022-2023 academic year on an ongoing basis. Please review this information and email your submission to

In-Person Auditions

In-person audition dates for the 2022-2023 academic year is TBD. All in-person auditions will be held at:

New World School of the Arts
25 NE 2nd Street, Room 5902
Miami, FL 33132

Online Application

Submit complete application packet here.

Theater Admission / Audition Requirements

To be admitted to the Theater Division students must be accepted through an audition process, based on the following requirements for Acting or Music Theater.

Acting Video Auditions

Applicants will present TWO contrasting monologues from published plays, maximum of 2 minutes each.

Music Theater Video Auditions

    • Applicants will present TWO contrasting monologues from published plays maximum of 2 minutes each
  2. VOCAL
    • Applicants will perform TWO contrasting songs from published musicals. One song should be a ballad
    • Applicants must use musical accompaniment without vocals
  3. DANCE
    • Use dance clothes (leotard, tights) for the Dance video audition
    • Alternative to dance clothes is form-fitting athletic wear
    • Alternative to proper dance shoes is socks or barefoot

Intermediate and Advanced Dancers

  • One-minute Musical Theatre dance number, preferably from a well-known Broadway show that includes: grand battements (to show extension), pirouettes either classical (turned out) or jazz (turned in), leaps

Beginning and Beginner Intermediate Dancers

  • Right side and left side split, and a front straddle split
  • Highest kicks to the front and side
  • Record a thirty second clip of improv dancing to your favorite music

Video Tips

  • Find a quiet place in your house for the Video audition
  • Look directly at the camera to slate. Slate your name and the material
  • During the monologue/song, look slightly away from the camera but avoid looking down or at the ceiling
  • Must have good lighting and sound quality
  • Do not wear something that is distracting to the adjudicators
  • Dress appropriately for a professional audition
  • Music Theater applicants will need to wear appropriate clothes for the dance audition, including dance attire, leotard, tights, or clothing that allows proper movement
  • For the monologue and song, adjudicators should be able to see you from the waist up
  • For the dance, adjudicators should be able to see your full body


Mail high school and college transcripts to:

New World School of the Arts
c/o Miami Dade College
College Student Affairs, Room #5605
300 NE 2nd Avenue
Miami, FL 33132

Please email video submission to For information or questions call 305-327-3260.