Paying for NWSA

Tuition and Fees

Cost for one year at New World School of the Arts: 2023-2024

Lower Division (Freshmen and Sophomores)

  • Florida Resident $118.22 per credit
  • Non-Florida Resident $402.51 per credit

Upper Division (Juniors and Seniors)

  • Florida Resident $186.08
  • Non-Florida Resident $928.05

Estimated Cost per Year (12 months)

Lower Division (Ave. 36 credits/year)

  • Florida Residents $4,255.92
  • Non-Florida Resident $14,490.36

Upper Division (Ave. 30 credits/year)

  • Florida Residents $5,582.40
  • Non-Florida Resident $27,841.50

Estimated Expenses: Lower Division and Upper Division

  • Books/Supplies/ Course Fees: $1,000.00
  • Public Transportation: $56.00/month
  • Shared Housing: $600.00/month
  • Food: $300.00/month
  • Utilities: $100.00/month

Estimated Cost of Attendance Calculator


Refunds are made only if proper procedures for withdrawing are completed by the student. Actual refund dates for regular term courses are published in the Academic Calendar.

Financial Aid

NWSA is a Florida public college. We accept and offer the following ways to pay tuition.

  • FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) – apply
  • Pell Grant: Free money you receive to pay for your college education and college related expenses.
  • Student Loan: Money that you borrow from the bank to pay for your college education and college related expenses. These low interest loans must be paid back to the lender after completion of your studies.


Awarded annually based on merit. Free money that you receive from a donor who has specified the criteria for the award. NWSA awards scholarships based on merit. Scholarships are used to pay tuition and/or fees.

American Dream Scholarship: Offered to graduates of Miami Dade County Public School graduates who meet certain criteria. Scholarship covers the in-state portion and eligible class fees remaining after all other scholarships, financial aid, and grants funds have been applied Will cover full tuition costs for General Education and NWSA arts courses taken at the lower division.

Work Study: Part-time jobs on & off-campus that are available to students who qualify for Financial Aid. These jobs pay minimum wage and are tax-free.

Payment Plans

Miami Dade College offers Payment Plans through third party vendor, Nelnet. Students can enter a payment plan at the start of the registration period. The University of Florida does not offer tuition payment plans.